data networks

When considering data networks, companies usually have the same four concerns. Large shops are typically going to do thousands, if not tens of thousands, of data transfers a day. This is a lot of information to track and if something goes wrong, the time and cost to correct it could be more than the company wants to handle. The overall speed of data transfers is another concern we hear. Especially in this day and age, when companies are trying to move more data and do it in a shorter period of time. The third concern is overhead. The fear that the system they need will cost too much on a monthly basis. Lastly is security. If all of their systems are connected together, it would be easier for someone to hack their systems. This typically means everything would have to be encrypted, which would require more time and overhead.

We have designed our data networks to address these concerns.


Our solutions can manage thousands of operations, because it is scalable. Hardware and software can be added at any point to expand the solution without impacting your normal business operations. This means no loss of revenue due to business disruptions.


In today’s fast paced world, people want the information they want, when and where they want it and on any device. This cannot be accomplished without a high-speed infrastructure. We understand this, which is why all of our solutions operate at a very high speed.


We don’t think you should have to incur more overhead to do more work, so our solution uses 1/20th the overhead of conventional networks. This lowers your monthly software licenses charges.


Our solutions offer a point to point connection, so we can connect your mainframe to a server over a dedicated line that has no outside accessibility. This means there is no need for encryption, which will save you time and improve the overall transfer speed. However, if you decide that encryption is still a must, our solution is easily configurable to support the highest level of encryption.

Our data networks are faster, cost less and more secure than conventional networks. If you would like to learn more or hear about our other solutions, contact us today: