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Alebra is the best option to connect your z/OS Mainframe to the cloud

Alebra Technologies develops software and hardware solutions designed to seamlessly and efficiently move data and integrate applications across any platform in your enterprise, on-premises or in the cloud.

Backed by a dedicated engineering and support team with decades of experience on the IBM Z, Linux, Unix, and Windows platforms, Alebra’s Parallel Data Mover is a capable, cutting-edge data movement solution trusted by enterprise customers across the globe.

Leverage the reliability, availability and serviceability of your mainframe.

Why Alebra?

Traditional FTP has been the default solution for cross-platform data movement since the 1970s. Unsurprisingly, legacy FTP lacks the performance, reliability, and modern features demanded by today’s information technology enterprises. Many competing solutions offer an alternative to FTP, so why choose Alebra Parallel Data Mover?

Efficient Data Movement

Parallel Data Mover consumes minimal system and network resources. That means you can move as much data as you need to, at any time of day. Less efficient solutions force data movement to occur during narrow, off-peak windows. Parallel Data Mover keeps the information flowing across your enterprise at zero impact to your critical workloads.

Seamless Integration With

Unlike solutions that treat the IBM Z platform as an afterthought, Parallel Data Mover is a mainframe-native solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing applications. PDM enables any IBM Z application to access data on any other platform as if it were local mainframe storage. PDM transparently connects your IBM Z applications to Linux, Unix, and Windows servers or Amazon S3, Google Storage, and Apache Hadoop object storage.

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