Alebra’s ChannelStream appliance is an all-in-one channel-attached data movement node, combining the speed of FICON and the power of Parallel Data Mover into one hardware package.

ChannelStream provides a FICON channel-attached gateway between IBM Z and the rest of your enterprise, on premises or in the cloud. Stream data at maximum speed between IBM Z and…

  • Storage Area Networks
  • Network-Attached Storage
  • Down-stream PDM nodes, attached to ChannelStream via high-speed TCP
  • Applications running on Linux, Unix, or Windows servers; on-prem or off-site.
  • Object Storage services including Amazon S3, Google Storage, and Hadoop FS.

ChannelStream provides many of the same benefits as z/OpenGate, without the need for additional Fibre-attached hardware:

  • Moving data via TCP consumes a relatively large share of CPU time on the IBM Z host. ChannelStream allows Parallel Data Mover to avoid the TCP stack and move data via the more efficient FICON protocol, providing a drastic reduction in processing overhead compared to moving data via TCP.
  • A single ChannelStream provides a dedicated, channel-attached data movement path between IBM Z and LUW systems. Unlike with TCP, this bandwidth is not subject to congestion of the mainframe host’s network interface.
  • Moving data via FICON keeps your IBM Z network interface free for other critical processes.
  • Alebra provides 24/7 onsite support for ChannelStream hardware

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