Professional Services

We are deeply committed to ensuring your satisfaction with Alebra products and solutions. Our technical support and professional services teams make it their priority to help you get the best performance possible from our products. Whether you need to diagnose a problem or need assistance to architect, configure, implement, or customize a solution, we are here to help.

Some of the ways our professional services team can help:

Solution Installation and Configuration

Most customers find Parallel Data Mover, z/OpenGate, and ChannelStream easy to install and configure. But when your own staff is stretched thin, Alebra will provide fast and reasonably priced implementation and configuration services to get you up and running.

Operational Automation

If your data center staff is fully engaged on other projects, Alebra’s professional services team is available to automate file transfer operations. We make sure that the ongoing operational file and data transfer operations are as fully automated as possible within the context of your environment. We also configure security, journaling and archive features in compliance with your business rules and regulatory constraints.

Performance Optimization

We provide performance testing and optimization of all available data movement and data access solutions. Our experts can also identify and pinpoint inefficiencies within interfacing systems and scripts that are creating performance bottlenecks.

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