Alebra’s Channel Stream appliance coupled with our Parallel Data Mover (PDM) product provide a platform that replaces the role of the OSA adapter for file movement, allowing the OSA to process only interactive traffic.

Traditional FTP moves data via the IBM Z OSA interface, consuming CPU cycles and competing for bandwidth with all other traffic

From the network user’s perspective, all that this means is instead of using FTP or SFTP, they execute DMEFTP (Alebra’s file transfer client). The language is the same, but the effect is dramatically different. When data flows over the Channel Stream to z/OS, the TCP/IP stack on z/OS is not involved nor is the OSA burdened with this traffic. There is no overhead or impact on z/OS because all PDM processing executes in a zIIP. In most cases the speed is much greater because the ChannelStream can handle many concurrent transfers.

PDM moves data over dedicated FICON channels to the ChannelStream consuming minimal CPU cycles and maximizing bandwidth utilization.

Using DMEFTP, all transfers can be automatically encrypted, compressed and logged. DMEFTP can be also be used for any other inter-node transfers. There is so much more work that PDM with Channel Stream can tackle for the enterprise as well. See product pages for more information.

If the ChannelStream is taken offline for any reason, any pending and future transfers will automatically fail-over to use the OSA until the ChannelStream returns to service.