Application redesign and reprogramming are typically large and risky efforts.  In the meantime, existing systems must be maintained and modified as the business changes to meet evolving needs. These changes must be replicated in the new systems and developers often find themselves aiming at a moving target.

This leaves leaders with 2 options: buy a new solution or migrate their legacy application.

Buying a new solution introduces another set of technical and operational risks. These risks can be greater than rewriting existing applications, not to mention the risk of business disruption and internal confusion when new applications are implemented. Legacy migration is often a more attractive option because the functionality of legacy applications is already familiar internally and requires a much smaller investment in most cases.

Our data integration platform makes legacy migration possible and offers:

  • Keeping data safe and secure on the mainframe
  • Flexible configurations that allow full or partial workload migration
  • Cross-platform, high-speed data sharing
  • Full historical data conversion with no disruption to your employees or customers
  • Increase in application performance – manifested by speed
  • Shorter batch windows
  • Lower mainframe MIPS consumption
  • Leaving data on the mainframe where it is available for use by other applications

Replatforming workloads used to be a challenge.  Now it’s a matter of which one goes first.  Contact us.  We’ll show you how.