Parallel Data Mover (PDM)

Parallel Data Mover (PDM) is a data transfer platform designed to securely and efficiently move data at scale between IBM Z, Linux/Unix/Windows (LUW), and Cloud Storage systems.

With PDM, IBM Z is a first class citizen

  • Native support for any and all dataset record formats and access methods. VSAM, BSAM, fixed-length or variable-length; PDM has you covered.
  • Take advantage of the latest IBM Z features:

◦ Access DASD directly and move data high speed using High Performance FICON (zHPF)

◦ Utilize zIIP processors to maximize performance and minimize processing overhead.

◦ Increase throughput and minimize elapsed time by compressing data in transit using zEnterprize Data Compression (zEDC).

PDM is more than just Managed File Transfer

  • Negligible processing overhead compared to FTP and other solutions. PDM moves data without impacting critical workloads.
  • Stream data directly between IBM Z and LUW applications.
  • Give IBM Z applications direct access to LUW and cloud storage, with minimal changes to existing JCL.
  • All data transfer is secured with Elliptic Curve Key Exchange and AES-256 encryption.
  • PDM provides robust batch and scripting interfaces on both z/OS and LUW, allowing the system to be managed and transfers to be initiated from either side of the enterprise.
  • Access Object Storage services (cloud or on-prem) directly from IBM Z. PDM includes built-in support for Amazon S3, Google Storage, and Apache Hadoop.
  • Reduce processing overhead compared to other managed file transfer solutions by offloading ASCII-EBCDIC translation and record/block processing to LUW servers.

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