Alebra’s z/OpenGate appliance provides a high-performance FICON-FCP gateway to Parallel Data Mover. With z/OpenGate, data is moved off-network, avoiding the more CPU-intensive TCP stack on IBM Z.

z/OpenGate provides a dedicated, channel-attached data movement path between IBM Z and LUW systems. Unlike with TCP, this bandwidth is not subject to network congestion.

z/OpenGate allows Parallel Data Mover to avoid the TCP stack when moving data. It uses FICON protocols over channel devices accessed by PDM on z/OS, and SCSI protocols over Fibre Channel accessed by PDM on LUW systems, providing a drastic reduction in processing overhead compared to moving data via TCP.

Moving data off-network via FICON and FCP keeps your IBM Z and LUW network interfaces free for other critical processes.

All this in a slim, compact 1U rack-mounted chassis to minimize datacenter footprint.

Alebra provides 24/7 onsite support for z/OpenGate hardware

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