New Brighton, MN—Alebra Technologies Inc., ( the leader in managed high-speed cross platform data movement and remote data access, today announced the availability of Parallel Data Mover (PDM) Release 6, effective immediately.

“As data continues to grow exponentially, companies need the right data, at the right place, and the right time,” said Tom Lehn, chief executive officer. “Data intensive projects that were once impossible or impractical are now both possible and extremely economical.”

With PDM 6, companies will be able to:

• Move terabytes of data within minutes,
• Provide more frequent updates to data warehouses (yes even during the business day);
• Track and manage all movement of data within the enterprise,
• Provide more meaningful analytics thru inclusion of more historical data
• Modernize applications without having to move your data, and
• Utilize PDM’s rich functionality to consolidate all existing data movement products.

PDM Release 6 builds upon the superior manageability, speed and efficiency of earlier releases of Parallel Data Mover. Combined with Alebra’s proprietary z/OpenGate transport, Alebra’s newest PDM release out-performs all other data movement solutions, enabling the transfer of large amounts of data faster than users had ever imagined possible.

“Independent tests have verified users can expect a 90% reduction in CPU cycles while experiencing significantly improved throughput compared to other data movers,” Lehn said.

PDM 6 offers a number of significant advantages. In addition to vastly superior transport speeds; these include fully managed file transfer, transaction queuing, monitoring and logging as well as status and performance reporting from any node in the network. Other features of PDM 6 include “parallelism,” i.e., the ability to accommodate hundreds of concurrent file transfers per system, the support of all storage devices attachable to the operating systems regardless of type (Disk, Tape, Virtual Tape, etc.) or brand (EMC, IBM and Hitachi) and enhanced downstream support.

“We’re excited to announce this new PDM release, it signifies a new level of excellence and performance in Alebra’s product suite,” Lehn said. “I’m very proud of our entire team of engineers and developers.”

About Alebra Technologies

Alebra partners with numerous Fortune 500 firms, providing unique business solutions for their data movement and data access requirements. Alebra’s PDM software provides secure and fully managed file transfer capabilities between IBM z/OS Mainframes, Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris, z/Linux and HP/UX platforms. Supported transport links between systems include TCP/IP communications networks, CTC connections between z/OS Mainframes, HiperSockets and Alebra’s proprietary z/OpenGate transport.

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