Managed file transfer (MFT) eliminates human errors in tasks such as process automation, transactional integrations, and data extraction. MFT has become a crucial element for secure and effective management of data and is more important than ever in today’s ever-expanding digital world.

IBM explains 3 main reasons the managed file transfer trend will continue to grow:

Data Volumes Growing:  Data volumes are growing while batch processing windows continue to shrink.  Today’s workload requirements for MFT tend to be higher-frequency batching and larger and more varied files than in the past. There also is a demand for innovative application processes that exploit MFT capabilities for streaming transfers.

Security:  Cybersecurity requirements and concerns continue to heighten, leading to the adoption of newer security technologies. Security solutions are increasing the security processing overhead of applications, including but not limited to MFT. MFT systems, where possible, must compensate for security processing overhead, through support for hardware-accelerators, high-performance security process software, and ongoing file transfer throughput improvements.

Big Data and IoT:  Businesses are more frequently deploying MFT technology beyond its traditional role to enable bulk transaction file exchange, particularly in areas such as IoT data analysis or other big data analytics. These scenarios typically demand the use of current, not aging data. This puts a premium on the speed of file transfers.


When dealing with critical business transactions involving crucial information, choosing the right tool is essential. This is why managed file transfer is a core function of our Parallel Data Mover (PDM) suite of solutions. It provides highly managed, secure, fast and efficient transfer of data files between z/OS systems or between z/OS and Linux, UNIX, Windows (LUW) and Hadoop systems. In short, our PDM managed file transfer option can provide you with an outstanding means of managing many thousands of file transfers in a reliable, secure and cost-effective manner.


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