Minneapolis, MN (September 19, 2017)—Alebra Technologies Inc., the leader in high-performance cross-platform data movement and remote access, today announced new capabilities in its unrivaled mainframe data integration platform.

Alebra’s new Hadoop Loader features direct two-way transfer capability, providing a cost-effective way to move large amounts of data to that specific environment without all the functionality of the company’s flagship Parallel Data Mover.  Customers adopting this solution will, however, have an easy upgrade path to Alebra’s PDM r7 solution.

“While data is being collected, processed and stored on diverse platforms, what companies need are tools that leverage enterprise data and deliver cutting-edge performance for competitive advantage,” said Tom Lehn, CEO, Alebra Technologies. “The Hadoop Loader focuses on moving data between the mainframe and Hadoop platforms quickly, securely and directly while consuming far less overhead than other solutions.

Alebra’s solution enables users to routinely populate Hadoop Distributed File Systems with huge volumes of corporate data.  The Hadoop Loader tracks, accelerates and automates direct two-way data transfers between a Hadoop cluster and mainframe, Linux, Unix, Windows and other Hadoop clusters.  The direct data transfer function reduces processing time and lowers operating costs by eliminating the need for interim file copies, thereby reducing storage requirements on both ends of the transfer.  Mainframe datasets and entire databases can be moved without landing first on the Hadoop server.

About Alebra Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 1998, Alebra Technologies Inc. is focused on developing software solutions that allow companies to move large amounts of data, in real-time, outside of traditional networks. Alebra’s data integration platform seamlessly integrates its customers’ data across mainframe, Linux, UNIX, Windows and Hadoop platforms using alternatives to traditional data movement and sharing methods. The company’s solutions not only deliver data to any application, but do so in less time and at a significantly lower cost, regardless of the platform or location.   to learn more, visit www.alebra.com.


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