Data Transfers

Bulk data movement, access, copying and sharing requires a lot of bandwidth and can wreak havoc with interactive applications and other normal network traffic on the same system. 10-15 years ago, people might have expected a slight delay when trying to access data, but in today’s fast paced world people expect information within seconds at anytime from anywhere, from any device. Which means network delays, caused by bulk data transfers, have a negative ripple effect on the internal productivity of your company – and your ability to provide the quality of service needed to attract and retain customers. This could cost you sales and have a negative effect on your bottom line.

What’s the Solution?

This is precisely why we created the z/OpenGate. z/OpenGate creates a channel-to-channel connection that integrates mainframes to Linux, Unix, and Windows (LUW), mainframe to mainframe, LUW to LUW, and mainframes to Hadoop and other HDFS platforms. It’s not only an order of magnitude faster, more secure and reliable than traditional networks, it will also shorten batch run times and lower your mainframe’s MIPS consumption.

Network vs. Channel MIPS
z/OpenGate far exceeds the efficiency of conventional TCP/IP networks.

z/OpenGate was designed to help you improve your customer’s experience by providing anytime, anywhere information access. Improve your bottom line with a cross-platform data integration solution that doesn’t make you wait. Don’t wait. Contact us today.