Scalable and Flexible Managed File Transfer

Alebra Parallel Data Mover (PDM) is a scalable, flexible managed file transfer solution providing a near drop-in replacement for FTP and other brand-name data movement solutions while offering many significant advantages and advanced features over those legacy solutions.

Massive Scale, Minimal Overhead

Parallel Data Mover is capable of performing hundreds of transfers concurrently, thousands of transfers per hour while keeping CPU and resource consumption on the IBM Z host to an absolute minimum. Enabled by z/OpenGate and ChannelStream, Parallel Data Mover avoids the TCP stack and moves data via the more efficient FICON protocol, providing a drastic reduction in processing overhead compared to moving data via TCP. That means you can move as much data as you need to, at any time of day. Less efficient solutions force data movement to occur during narrow, off-peak windows. Parallel Data Mover keeps the information flowing across your enterprise at zero impact to your critical workloads.

Utilize the Latest IBM Z Features

Alebra’s team of experienced software engineers are continually working to improve Parallel Data Mover and extend its capabilities by taking advantage of the cutting edge of the IBM Z platform. PDM can access DASD directly and move data at high speed using High Performance FICON (zHPF). When available, PDM utilizes zIIP processors to maximize performance and minimize processing overhead. Using zEnterprize Data Compression (zEDC), PDM maximizes throughput and minimizes elapsed time of each transaction.

Flexible Client Interfaces

Parallel Data Mover provides batch, scripting, and command line interfaces on IBM Z, Linux, Unix, and Windows. These interfaces provide maximum flexibility for integrating PDM into an overall application, controlling data transfers, and managing the PDM environment. A full-featured z/OS operator interface allows for management of PDM via TSO and provides easy integration with BMC Control-M or Tivoli Monitoring.

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