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What makes z/OpenGate so effective?

The z/OpenGate is a transport powered by Parallel Data Mover’s (PDM) unique parallel data streaming technology.  z/OpenGate is connected to a z/Enterprise system to speed up data integration between mainframe, Linux, Unix and Windows (LUW) and Hadoop platforms by an order of magnitude.

With z/OpenGate, you can significantly reduce the complexity and cost of data access, data movement, and transaction processing. z/OpenGate far exceeds the performance of conventional TCP/IP networks. Not only is the z/OpenGate extremely fast, it:

  • Provides a secure, high-bandwidth and low-latency z/OS to LUW and Hadoop platforms.
  • Reduces mainframe MIPS consumption by 50- 95% as compared to traditional network data transfers.
  • Features standard FICON and Fiber connections and a user-friendly configuration.
  • Installs easily into your existing infrastructure.

The addition of one or more z/OpenGate appliances not only scales up bandwidth capability, it also provides a redundant and fault-tolerant configuration. z/OpenGate helps you more easily achieve service levels while you continue to benefit from the reliability, availability, and scalability strengths of the mainframe.

Move it. Access it. Faster than ever before.

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