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Are you planning to re-host legacy mainframe applications?

Mainframe modernization plans that include migrating applications or re-hosting has its challenges; below are some of the challenges we hear and what we do to solve the problem with our data integration platform.

Challenge: Inflexible, aging, and poorly integrated IT systems are causing issues internally and/or externally.

Our Solution: Our data integration platform, powered by Parallel Data Mover (PDM), was developed to solve these problems.  PDM connects any platform to any platform in your enterprise by using I/O protocols for data sharing between mainframes and Linux, Unix & Windows (LUW), Hadoop and cloud platforms.

Challenge: Application redesign and buying a new solution are large and risky efforts.

Our Solution: Migrate select legacy applications to LUW platforms. Our data integration platform makes this possible with minimum risk. The flexible configuration and the extremely fast data sharing benefits of our z/OpenGate transport make it possible to:

  • Retain the functionality of legacy applications that are already familiar internally.
  • Keep data safe on the mainframe where it is more secure and available for use by other applications.

Mainframe software Monthly License Charges (MLC) can consume a large portion of IT budgets. Re-hosting can improve application performance while reducing MLC costs and liberating funds for innovative projects aimed at improving the business.

This process can seem like a daunting one, but we’ll show you how to make it simpler.