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Are you planning to keep the status quo, improve performance, or lower costs?

Long term planning is extremely important when working with large systems with many complex, moving parts. Whether you’re hoping to increase performance, lower costs, or both, our solution, powered by our Parallel Data Mover Software (PDM) and z/OpenGate transport, is the one to get you there.

Challenge: Additional mainframe capacity is needed to support increasing workloads, driving up operating costs. Monthly License Charges (MLC) consume at least 30% of IT budgets, and IBM historically increases MLC 4%-7% annually.

Our Solution: Our solution delivers a 50-95% reduction in workload MIPS consumption helping you offset rising costs.

Challenge: The demands of the digital economy are driving higher data and transaction volumes, creating workload unpredictability and volatility; this can affect your application availability.

Our Solution: Our transport solution, z/OpenGate, was built to handle the increasing demands of data integration and high performance data sharing, bridging the gap between applications, lines of business and locations.

System and transfer speed is something every company needs to pay attention to. Unfortunately, investing in the wrong technology or the wrong vendor’s platform can often can set back a company greatly in time and investment. The key difference in our solution is marked by its high performance – manifested by high availability, efficiency, and scalability.

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