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Are your systems and applications moving slower than you’d like?

The ability to exploit data at speed is paramount; unfortunately, TCP/IP was developed with a focus on communications traffic while accommodating minimal data volumes and cannot transfer Big Data fast enough to meet the demands of today’s applications.

Our data integration platform is powered by Parallel Data Mover (PDM) and z/OpenGate, an extremely fast and efficient transport.  This unique combination accelerates, automates, and tracks data movement and integration between mainframes and Linux, Unix and Windows platforms, Hadoop clusters and the cloud. It was made for this.

Other Challenges:

  1. Corporate data volume continues to grow, yet the data transfer windows are staying the same, and in some cases shrinking.
  2. The increase in data volumes is causing batch runs to take longer to finish.
  3. When batch runs don’t complete on time, current data is unavailable to support line of business operations and service level agreements can be missed, impacting customer satisfaction.
  4. Extending the batch window to accommodate increasing volumes of data can have a broad impact on IT and line of business operations.

Our Solution: Our z/OpenGate transport provides an extremely fast and efficient channel-based connection suitable for moving large amounts of data in a minimum timeframe at a lower cost than traditional methods. We reduce the elapsed time to transfer data in a cross-platform environment to improve system performance.

Among the benefits of our solution are predictable performance, batch times finishing on time, SLAs (Service Level Agreements) getting fulfilled, and our unique technology reduces mainframe MIPS consumption by 50-95% as compared to traditional network data transfers. For larger setups, additional z/OpenGates can be added to scale up bandwidth capability as well as provide a redundant and fault-tolerant configuration.

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