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How does one improve file transfers without starting over?

That’s the challenge. Your business is generating more data than your systems were originally designed to support. You’ve got more people accessing more data from around the globe.  You’re spending more on storage, networking, and compute cycles to move the data around.

What if you could move your data faster and more securely without ripping out the architecture you have in place and lower your file transfer costs?

Our Parallel Data Mover (PDM) is a unique parallel data streaming technology that accelerates, automates, and tracks data movement and integration.  It integrates into the network architecture you already have in place.  PDM offers a robust set of features that improve overall file transfer performance and give you a competitive edge. These include:

  • Meet SLAs with fast, intelligent and on-time file transfers
  • Ensure security and regulatory compliance through adherence to existing policies
  • Lower operating costs through efficient use of mainframe, network, and storage capacity

For the ultimate in high-performance data movement and integration, combine PDM with z/OpenGate.  This solution far exceeds the performance and security of conventional TCP/IP networks. With z/OpenGate, you’re able to transfer files at streaming rates as fast as your systems allow between mainframes and Linux, Unix and Windows (LUW), mainframe to mainframe, LUW to LUW, and mainframes to Hadoop to name a few.

Contact us and we’ll show you how.