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Is pulling data from your network cumbersome?

Big Data volumes are exploding, impacting storage costs and network performance. Outdated and inefficient hardware can make the process of pulling data from a hard drive or network a far bigger headache than it needs to be. In many organizations, there’s untapped value in multiple copies of data lying dormant on cheap tiers of storage.

While putting frequently used data on high-cost, high-power storage devices is a way to make data easier to access, our definition of efficient data management goes a step further. We believe efficient data management must:

  • Utilize the minimum of required system resources.
  • Deliver measurable savings through systems performance improvements.
  • Easily scale to handle the increasing needs of Big Data.

Our solutions fuel your data management engine with secure and efficient data sharing and network performance as well as delivery of extremely fast and dependable service to applications and mission-critical traffic. This greatly reduces network bandwidth, storage and mainframe MIPS consumption.

Efficient data management

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