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Is your software vendors’ work complementary or redundant?

Most companies have too many vendors. It got this way because of organizational silos and the perceived need for more than one specialized vendor to finish a project. Before launching your next project, you may want to ask yourself how many vendors you have and if their combined activities are helping or hurting because they’re siloed.

Consolidate mainframe software vendors

The benefits of IT vendor consolidation are important because it can often reduce complexity, redundancies, and coordination effort, resulting in more agile and efficient business performance. Furthermore, a global study of the Everest Research Institute, with a focus on a company’s external IT services, revealed that fewer suppliers bring down the total cost of ownership (TCO) between 22 and 28 percent annually.

Our data integration platform:

  • Eliminates the need for vendors with fewer options, higher costs, and point solutions.
  • Delivers a 50 – 95% reduction in workload MIPS consumption.
  • Reduces workload runtimes to help meet service level agreements.
  • Scales across the enterprise to handle small to Big Data needs.
  • Mirrors the reliability, availability and serviceability of the mainframe.

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