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Are you having trouble integrating your systems and applications?

Below is a common challenge we hear on this front and what we do to solve the problem.

Challenge: Organizational silos can make it difficult to do the work of the business as they can be a deterrent to data sharing and result in multiple copies of the data existing across each silo. This requires more bandwidth than necessary and can reduce application performance. These silos can be built around a business unit, vendor, processing platform, or any other specific technology.

Our Solution: Our data integration platform connects any platform to any other platform in your enterprise. This reduces the number of copied data files and reduces the storage capacity and network bandwidth consumed.

Our unique data streaming technology and an extremely fast and efficient channel-based transport provides data integration between mainframes and Linux, Unix and Windows, and Hadoop clusters onsite or in the cloud.

Our unique data integration platform creates bandwidth and increases capability within IT departments to support new applications and different types of traffic, as well as reduces the risk of external threats accessing the network. This lowers data integration costs by 50-95% compared to traditional methods. It also maximizes use and value by getting the right data to the right place at the right time, anywhere in your enterprise, regardless of the platform, device, supplier or location.

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