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Is your network carrying more data than it should?

Systems can struggle to balance the interactive nature of network applications and the demands of data sharing.  Bulk data movement, access, copying and sharing requires a lot of bandwidth and can wreak havoc with interactive applications on the same system.

For this reason, we believe data movement doesn’t belong on traditional networks.  That’s why we developed an alternative, z/OpenGate.  z/OpenGate creates a channel-to-channel connection that integrates mainframes to Linux, Unix, and Windows (LUW), mainframe to mainframe, LUW to LUW, and mainframes to Hadoop to name a few.

The z/OpenGate is secure, extremely fast, and reliable.  Clients tell us it is incredibly faster than popular TCP/IP solutions. The combined speed and performance of z/OpenGate:

Improve Network Infrastructure Performance
  • Reduces batch run times.
  • Lowers mainframe MIPs consumption.
  • Accelerates cross-platform data integration improving the overall performance of your network infrastructure.
  • Updates databases so quickly you may consider faster refresh rates.

Fast, stable, and predictable performance. That’s the Alebra way.