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Are your file transfer protocols holding you back?

Traditional Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) methods and file transfer protocols are slow, costly and consume too many storage, networking, and processing resources.  They were not designed for today’s demand for speed, efficiency, reliability and security. Alebra solutions are.

Parallel Data Mover (PDM) is a unique data steaming technology that powers z/OpenGate, a secure and efficient transport that:

  • Loads Linux, Unix, and Windows (LUW) databases and file systems as fast as your system allows.
  • Natively stores and retrieves HDFS files between z/OS, LUW, and other HDFS file systems without intermediate steps that take time and consume storage capacity.
  • Consumes minimal z/OS MIPS and mainframe storage.
  • Supports all storage devices regardless of type or brand.

Move it. Access it. Faster than ever before.