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Why Select PDM for Managed File Transfer

There are numerous products and facilities available to move data files from one platform to another. The merits and capabilities of these products range from basic file movement functionality, like FTP, to comprehensive products, like PDM, aimed at large complex enterprises with demanding requirements. Learn why PDM is the …
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Options to Connect z/OS and Linux/UNIX/Windows Systems

PDM supports multiple options to connect z/OS and Linux/UNIX/Windows systems. Check out this technical brief that describes these options and benefits.
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Data Compression Support Provided by PDM

PDM provides the ability to compress data that is transferred between platforms. The discussion below is an overview of PDM’s compression capabilities.
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The Benefits of Managed File Transfer

Moving a single small file using a file transfer method such as FTP can be simple and straightforward. However, as the volume and size of file transfers grow, the issues of file movement become increasingly more difficult and costly.
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Using PDM to Successfully Migrate Applications

Data movement associated with application migrations is a large, complex and time-consuming task. Timely and accurate data movement is extremely critical to the overall success of migration projects. Alebra has addressed this challenge using existing facilities and new capabilities directly aimed at application migrations. Download (PDF, 191 KB)