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Is your data moving as smoothly as it should?

Alebra Technologies’ Parallel Data Mover Software (PDM) is a unique parallel data streaming technology that tracks, accelerates, and automates data movement and data integration with applications across your enterprise, all while reducing MIPS consumption and improving efficiency. This includes movement and integration between mainframes and Linux, Unix and Windows (LUW), mainframe to mainframe, LUW to LUW, and mainframes to Hadoop.

PDM was developed to solve problems our customers were having with data integration. Below are the common struggles we hear.

  1. There is never enough bandwidth in traditional networks to handle the ever-increasing volume of data.
  2. Systems struggle with trying to balance the interactive nature of networks and networking applications and the needs of bulk data movement – bulk data movement eats a lot of bandwidth and wreaks havoc with interactive applications.
  3. Mainframes have channel-to-channel solutions for data movement, but they are I/O-based, not network-based; LUW platforms do not have this option to provide relief for high-volume data movement.
  4. Our existing networks were not built to accommodate the cross-platform and cloud based environments of today.
  5. As data volumes grow, a lot of CPU on mainframes is consumed for data movement; the faster the network, the higher the impact.

So in 1994 we asked, “What if we used I/O protocols between mainframes and non-mainframes to move data? Then we can avoid using valuable network bandwidth to move it.” PDM was born.

Mainframes still contain a lot of data and there is a growing need for high performance mainframe and LUW data integration. PDM provides “breathing room” for network applications by offloading huge volumes of data movement to I/O subsystems.  Customers are exploiting it to reach new heights in application delivery by not introducing unnecessary delays in their daily processes and they are gaining back valuable resources to use for more meaningful applications.

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