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Need a little more support for your LUW applications?

Maintaining and accessing existing mainframe and non-mainframe data and applications can be a challenge. This can lead to circumstances where you can’t or choose not to move the data, which can be costly in both time and money.

PDM provides data sharing and streaming data access that meet many requirements right out of the box.  For additional requirements, Alebra PDM extensions can help.

With Alebra PDM Extensions you can directly access files stored and controlled by z/OS from LUW platforms. This includes:

  • Mainframe relational databases
  • Virtual Sequential Access Method (VSAM) files
  • Apache Hadoop HDFS files
  • Partitioned data sets
  • Sequential files
  • Database utilities

It’s time to maximize your network efficiency. Your Linux, Unix and Windows (LUW) applications, regardless of language, and migrated COBOL programs can initiate and access as little as a single record or row per call to z/OS.  This allows you to work with what you need, saving time and system resources.

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