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At Alebra Technologies, we believe data movement doesn’t belong on traditional networks. Systems struggle with trying to balance the interactive nature of networks and networking applications with the needs of data movement. It’s an ongoing challenge to tune the network for both requirements.

We develop enterprise-wide software solutions that provide alternatives to traditional data movement and data sharing methods. We will not only deliver your data to any application, but do it in less time and at a significantly lower cost, regardless of the platform or location.

Our data integration platform provides data sharing, data movement, data copy, and data access solutions that seamlessly integrate your data across mainframe, Linux, Unix & Windows (LUW) as well as Hadoop platforms. With its range of functionality, high speed, and low operating costs, virtually any application can be enabled with the information needed to operate effectively and efficiently whether onsite or in the cloud.

With decades of solid experience in enterprise computing, our customers trust and rely on us to deliver solutions that provide sustainable benefits.

To ensure your data is in the right place at the right time, Alebra Technologies is here for you.